Having a sensitivity for language ...

... is an innate characteristic, "hearing" what's right or what's wrong and having a natural flow.
So one day a thought stroke my mind: "Why not use my special gifts and make this my profession?"

Basically I've studied economics, marketing and languages, which also were what I worked with for many years before I decided to start my professional translator career in 2010.

My specialties are technics/electronics/manufacturing processes, marketing and HR work psychology after my many years in marketing and sales of industrial valves, ventilation heat exchangers and control units, plus my work psychology studies at the University of Lund.

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved reading, expressing myself in words, watching movies and travelling – actually ever since I was just a little girl! In later years I've also discovered budo sports, have taken a masseur diploma and attended a course in creative writing. And whenever I get a chance, I pack my bags for yet another trip somewhere in Europe, preferably to not so well-known places and preferably by car.

I've  simply combined my personal qualities with my education, my experience and my hobbies, and now work as a professional translator since 2010. The best I ever did!

Mari Johnsson

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